Taíno Coquí Frog Pendant in Solid Sterling Silver .925


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– High-end, luxury design of the Coquí Taíno crafted in solid sterling silver .925 pendant/medallion.
– The back of the pendant comes engraved with “NB”for Natalio Barquet, the designer, “PR” for Puerto Rico, and a signature diamond (DS 0.02).
– The Taíno are the indigenous community from Puerto Rico since pre-colonial times.
– The Taíno were known for their prolific depictions of daily life, animals, and nature. This is one of the many ways they depicted our native coquí frog.
– The coquí is an endemic species from Puerto Rico that sings “ko-kee” from dusk until dawn.
– This is a unique, high-quality jewelry representation of our Taíno legacy.


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