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Coquí el Original®’s designs are not passing trends. They spark lovely memories of our Isla del Encanto and its unique Caribbean sounds, warmth, and culture. All of our pieces are crafted in either solid 14k gold or solid sterling silver .925. The collection is designed by the Cuban-Puerto Rican jeweler, Natalio Barquet Junior. Exquisitely and impeccably-finished, our jewelry is meant to be cherished for a lifetime.

Every story has a beginning. Barquet Jewelers was founded in 1920 in Cuba by Isaac Barquet. In 1965, Natalio Barquet Senior was able to establish the first N. Barquet Jewelers store in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, giving birth to what has become a long-standing local business tradition in #201 Calle de la Fortaleza.

2009 was the year of reinvention! While the foundation of the business for over 50 years was to showcase items from international designers, Natalio Jr. decided to go another route and created Coquí el Original®. Inspired by the smallest of the tree frog species, the coquí Llanero, he designed what is known as our Coquí Classic Pendant in both silver and gold.

An attractive piece for both locals and visitors, the unique pendant propelled the creation of other variations and designs. We now proudly have a full-fleshed set of collections: the Coquí, the Leatherback Sea-Turtle, the Sun, the Puerto Rico Map and Flag, the Salsa dancers, and others in production. These collections include pendants, rings, earrings, classic bracelets, and cufflinks.

As currently the 4th generation and proud owner, Daniela Barquet spearheads this family-business tradition and hopes to reach a wider audience looking for distinctive and unique gifts during any season. We welcome you into our niche, but charismatic community and hope to provide the most authentic customer service. Our goal is your satisfaction!

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